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Scholastic Judo Committee

The relationship of judo and its place in a school based setting can be traced back to the founder, Jigoro Kano. Since that time, there have been school based judo classes in America and around the world. The USJA Scholastic Judo Committee'€™s was created to stimulate the growth of judo in America's elementary, middle and high schools.

The mission of this committee is two fold. First, to examine the role of judo in the lives of school aged children and teens. Areas of focus include recruitment and retention, individual learning styles, instructional methods, the role of the family, and external variables that impact student interest. Secondly, the committee will examine the process of developing partnerships with elementary, middle and high schools with suggestions for implementing judo in local schools in the spirit of "€œmutual welfare and benefit"€. This will include a review of curricula, certification, funding, liability, mats, intramural leagues and in service training.

Experience has shown us that kids that are in judo are better students, have better attendance, fewer encounters with law enforcement, and less likely to be involved with substance abuse or bullying. This is not an accident. The values and behaviors we help kids with are referred to as "€œprotective factors that promote resilience", by researchers.

We are actively seeking qualified black belt volunteers with current or prior experience teaching judo to children grades K-12 in a public, private or parochial school. We are also seeking black belts that are currently employed as school teachers in schools where judo is not currently available.

If you have experience in either or both of these areas, and would like to be part of this committee, please contact:


Name Rank Email Location Status
Raymond A. Conte Rokudan smijudo@gmail.com Amsterdam NY Chairman
James S. Bregman Judan jsbregman.64@gmail.com Leesburg VA Vice Chair
Edgar E. Carol Jr Rokudan judoed@embarqmail.com Kaufman TX Member
Dr. Ronald Allan Charles Hachidan ronaldallancharles@comcast.net,ronaldallancharles@msn.com Goose Creek SC Member
Denise A. Conte Sandan denisecontemail@gmail.com Amsterdam NY Member
Janis Freeman Shodan freeman.janis@gmail.com Member
Patrick C. Miller Sandan sgtmilbo@msn.com Amsterdam NY Member
Brian Lee Money Yodan bmoney@riversideca.gov Riverside CA Member


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