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Regional Coordinators


Name Rank Email Location Status
Doug Bedsaul Yodan downtownmartialartsacademy@gmail.com Starkville MS Chairman
Ruperto Arteaga Godan feef4g@gmail.com,RupertoArteaga16@gmail.com,Real.judo.naples@hotmail.com Naples FL Member
Paulo Fernando Augusto Rokudan sdbjj1@gmail.com San Marcos CA Member
Alan L. Best Yodan senseibest@gmail.com Eugene OR Member
Justin Breese Godan campbushido@gmail.com Ketchikan AK Member
Huie Clinton Brizendine Godan bgjudo@gmail.com Bowling Green KY Member
Edgar E. Carol Jr Rokudan judoed@embarqmail.com Kaufman TX Member
George E. Chittenden Yodan unitedjujitsu@yahoo.com Oak Ridge TN Member
Marshall R. Coffman Rokudan mrcoffman1@comcast.net Dunkirk MD Member
Robert D. Draper Sandan rddraperiu1990@gmail.com Edmond OK Member
Thomas R. Gustin Hachidan thomasgustin219@yahoo.com Racine WI Member
Jeffrey A. Johns Yodan jeff.johns42@yahoo.com Kitanning PA Member
Henry Kaku Yodan hkaku@sbcglobal.net Petaluma CA Member
Roger M. Lenfest III Godan derryjudo@comcast.net Derry NH Member
Humberto Lopez Jr Shichidan h.lopez@msn.com Miami FL Member
Clinton S. Main Rokudan Main1057@gmail.com Toms River NJ Member
Osmil Millan Hachidan oshachidan@tds.net Maddison WI Member
Steven P. Owen Shichidan Tucson AZ Member
Dave Passoff Shichidan dpassoff@hotmail.com Great Neck NY Member
Brian P. Rowe Shichidan rowe@etsu.edu Johnson City TN Member
Sergio Sanchez Godan cftspn@aol.com Las Vegas NV Member
Corinne E. Shigemoto Shichidan corrinshig@aol.com Elgin TX Member
Gregg R. Trude Godan gtrude@mtech.edu Ashburn VA, Helena MT Member
Jovany Varela Rokudan jovanybjj@gmail.com Gardena CA Member


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Goal/Objective of Regional Coordinators

The goal of these coordinators is to facilitate development of judo on all levels. The regional coordinator should contact and encourage many clubs and individuals to participate and host events aimed at increasing participation (via the USJA) in judo.

Possible duties and activities

1. Soliciting feedback and suggestions from local clubs and judoka:
  • Formally and/or informally survey individual and clubs to identify programming that would best address local interests and needs.
  • Ask for feedback and ideas.
2. Serving as a resource person for his/her area:
  • Forward helpful information to clubs/individuals, such as USJA newsletter and grassroots coaching news.
  • Convey information to clubs/instructors and provide support. Answer questions or help them to find answers to their questions.
  • Direct clubs/individuals to USJA resources, such as the list of available clinicians, coaching resources and marketing materials.
  • Provide sample flyers, forms, "to-do" lists, etc. to assist event hosts.
3. Coordinating USJA Judo events, such as camps, clinics, and exchanges between clubs such as inter dojo workouts in his/her area:
  • Encourage many different clubs to host clinics, camps and exchanges on a regular basis.
  • Help clubs select and/or contact a clinician.
4. Support hosting clubs with arrangements and logistics: setting fees and schedules, getting sanctions, etc.
  • Assist hosting clubs with publicity, including composing a flyer and distributing it through a regional email list.
  • Act as a liaison between potential hosts and potential clinicians once an event is scheduled.
5. Functioning as a liaison between his/her region and the national organization:
  • Be a point of contact should a USJA clinician anticipate traveling to their area and be available to teach.
  • Recommend instructors in their area to be included in the clinicians list.
  • Communicate with national officers and national committee chairs as needed.
6. Promoting publicity for USJA and judo:
  • Write and/or solicit news items and articles from their area for the Growing Judo the USJA's online magazine.
  • Maintain a contact list (email, address and phone) for clubs and individuals in their area and use this to publicize events.

The mission of the Regional Coordinators committee is to be the primary outreach arm of the USJA. Most promotions, clinics, awards and membership are driven by the enthusiasm and drive of this group. They have been given special trust and confidence by the Board of Directors to grow and strengthen the USJA.  

Job Description:

Regional Coordinators are very active, knowledgeable, and motivated individuals. Their job description includes, but is not limited to the following:

Visit every dojo in their region at least every six months, or hold a zoom session. 

Ensure all members are registered with the USJA, and actively persuade all practitioners to register. Assist as necessary.

All ranks are validated, and the club roster is up to date.

Partner with the club coach to informally and formally recognize deserving individuals for promotions and awards.  

Advise all coaches in their respective regions of upcoming tournaments, coaching, kata, referee and guest instructor clinics.  

Confer with coaches and coordinate meetings to find out needs of coaches and provide insight on how to improve judo in the region. 

Provide a written report to the committee chair of clubs visited, promotions, awards, tournaments and clinics due by the end of each quarter. 

The committee chair shall compile into one reports for all regions and provide to the board quarterly.  Attention Club Leaders & Coaches

If you wish to refer back to a feature article in Growing Judo for valuable information about teaching/coaching judo, please visit the Growing Judo Page.