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Professional Judo Committee

The USJA recognizes that there are many different reasons that people run judo programs. Just like there is a need and place for those who want to run community based programs there is also a need for full-time, professional judo instructors who run commercial, for-profit judo programs. With this in mind the USJA Professional Judo Committee has been formed.

The mission of the Professional Judo Committee is to gather, create, and distribute information and resources that are beneficial to those individuals wanting to open new schools or transition existing programs into full-time, paying, commercial martial arts schools. Members of the Professional Judo Committee are individuals with a proven track record of managing professional, for-profit schools. These individuals share resources and ideas that have proven successful in their own schools and are available for seminars and small group training sessions with you and your assistant instructors for a nominal fee. 


Name Rank Email Location Status
Christopher D. Holmes Shodan epicmartialarts@hotmail.com Jayess MS Member
Lester Martell Sandan lesterlmartell@aol.com West New York NJ Member
James A. Wall Yodan wallmartialarts@att.net Denham Springs LA Chairman


Category Form Action Notes

We are always actively seeking qualified volunteers to serve on this committee. 

The criteria is as follows:
  • Should be an Active USJA Club Leaders (Black Belt Level) who currently run a successful for-profit judo program.
  • Must be willing to share their thoughts, ideas and strategies with other coaches in the interest of helping to grow Judo in the US.
  • Must be willing to provide seminars/small group training to interested coaches in their region.

If you think you have what it takes and are willing to play an active role in the formation of this new Committee please respond to this message with some basic info on yourself and your school/program.

Please send all replies to:

James Wall, Committee Chair
Wall to Wall Martial Arts
Deham Springs, LA


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