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National Awards Committee

The National Awards Committee, like all non-standing committees, serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. We may suggest or recommend to the Board individuals or programs worthy of recognition. In addition, while the Board reserves the right to recognize anyone at any time for any reason for any award and to present and publicize such achievements, the Board is welcome to consult with the Committee concerning such actions.

The Certificate Subcommittee serves to create and/or revamp certificates for rank promotion and other recognition, as well as certification documents signifying accomplishments in our various programs, such as kata, coach, and rank examiner.  Members of this sub-committee, unless on the Awards Committee itself, are not involved in deliberation and other activities related to our National Awards and Hall of Fame.


Name Rank Email Location Status
James S. Bregman Judan jsbregman.64@gmail.com Leesburg VA Chairman
Dr. Rob Reilly Rokudan reilly@media.mit.edu Lanesboro MA Vice Chair

Certificate Subcommittee Members

Name Rank Email Location Status
Dr. Lisa Capriotti Sandan lisa.capriotti@gmail.com Charleston SC Member


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