This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for establishing a USJA Family Membership, which offers a generous benefit of $15 off membership renewals and registration for each family member. Delve into the simple steps to unlock these savings and bring the enriching world of judo to your entire family!

(A family can be two adults and up to 6 children under the age of 18)

Building a Family from Scratch


If no one in your family is already a member of USJA, only one person needs to start the process by filling out the annual membership form. This can be found on our website here
. During the payment step, make sure to select the option that says “I will also be signing up family members” as shown in the image below to get the $15 discount for being the first family member to sign up.

Sign Up Form Screenshot


After completing this initial registration, you can then add other new family members by following the "Adding New Member To The Family" section of our guide.

Adding New Members to the Family

Existing USJA members can add newly joining family members with your own unique family coupon code available to you by navigating to the family page. Here are the steps!


From your Dashboard when you log in press the "Manage family" button

Family Page Screenshot


From the "Manage Family" menu shown below in the red box you will see a unique family coupon code (The one shown is just an example, DO NOT USE)
Copy the unique code shown on your screen and go to the USJA application form for the person who is joining.


Please go through all the application steps for joining the USJA but once you reach the payment for membership page please enter your family coupon in the coupon code box shown in the picture below in red.
You will then see the discount add when you press "Apply Coupon"
Once checkout is complete the new family member will now automatically be added to your and their "Manage family" section on their profile
(Do not click the "I will be signing up family members if you are using a family coupon code)

Coupon Code Application Screenshot

Adding Family Members Who Are Already Registered

If you and your family members are already USJA members here are the simple steps to adding them to your family plan and all receive the $15 discount on future USJA membership payments!


After logging into your USJA account navigate to the top right corner of your homepage and select the option “My Profile”


Once you have selected the “My profile” Option under the first section “Profile details” you will see a choice of buttons available to choose from, Select the option “Manage Family”


After clicking "Manage family" click "Add New Family" on the new page that opened for you

A new box will now open asking are you sure you want to create a new family, Please select ok.


From the newly opened menu select the option “Add new family member”


Upon the appearance of the search box, proceed by entering the last name and date of birth of the new family member you're looking to add. After inputting the details, click 'Search'.
When your family member's information is displayed, click on 'Add to Family' to complete the process.


To add additional family members repeat steps 3 & 4, Once you have added all family members you will see a list that looks similar to this:

At the time of membership renewal/payment, make sure there are at least two members of the family who are current members for the discount to take effect. Once a family member reaches the age of 18 they will automatically be removed from your USJA family membership and will be changed to a full USJA membership and will not be entitled to the family discount.

If you have followed all the above steps you have now completed your USJA family membership setup!

Any member can delete themself from the family via the delete button on the family page
New registered family members will get a discount on renewals (one year later) automatically. They do not need to do anything, they will see the discounted renewal fee on their profile as long as they are part of a family.