USJA/PAL Club Alliance Plan

Did you know that the USJA has had a relationship in place with PAL since 2003? For any clubs affiliated with PAL we have a reduced membership rate of $30 * per year. The following announcement gives the details:

The National Association of Police Athletic Leagues and the United States Judo Association are happy to announce an alliance and co-venture to provide the nation's children with the best opportunity to learn and to train in the sport of Olympic style competitive Judo and self defense. NAPAL is the creator and administrator of the nation’s largest juvenile crime prevention program that combines athletics, academics and education. The USJA is the largest Judo organization in the United States. Together they are exceptionally qualified to distribute and administer co-ed youth judo training because of their joint beliefs in the philosophies of fairness and equality.

Judo has proven to be a safe, but effective martial art. It also is unique in that Judo encompasses qualities of fitness that include both aerobic and anaerobic training. Judo strengthens the body as well as the mind because it is based on stated values including self respect, mutual respect and focused use of energy.

The USJA and the Police Athletic League share a passion for enabling children to grow into healthy and productive adults. Judo was developed at nearly the same time that the Police Athletic League came into existence for precisely that reason. Therefore, the Boards of Directors of the National Association of Police Athletic Leagues and the United States Judo Association agree to support one and others efforts by linking our combined membership and programs in order to assist one and other in developing programs consistent with our joint principals and beliefs.


Date: 10/31/03
To: Marc Cohen
From: Jeremy Phillips
Re: Judo Partnership

I hope this memo finds you all well and gearing up for what is sure to be a busy holiday season. National PAL is extremely excited about this partnership and excited about the opportunity to bring a sport so rich in discipline to its member chapters. This memo is sent to clarify some information regarding the partnership between the USJA and National PAL.

As you know National PAL was awarded a Federal Grant. This grant is to be applied for by National PAL member chapters and can be used for ANY educational, sport or activity program offered by National PAL member chapters. It is not specifically for judo purposes or judo equipment. Any chapter can apply for this grant and use the funding they receive, in conjunction with the grant guidelines, for any PAL program.

If you would like to become involved in a PAL chapter near you please visit the National PAL website at and you will find contact information for every National PAL member chapter. You may be able to work with local PAL chapters to enhance their existing Judo program or start a program from scratch.

If you have any additional questions regarding this partnership between the USJA and National PAL please contact either Marc Cohen at or Jeremy Phillips at .

Thank you.