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Jujitsu Committee

What is USJA Jujitsu?      

Many years ago the senior jujitsu leadership within USJA formed a separate Jujitsu Division. This was done as the general requirements, processes, etc. were deemed to be distinctly different from judo and thus should have their own managing body. Furthermore, it was done as a means to highlight and promote the practice and study of jujitsu. As such, the jujitsu division is made up of several committees separate and distinct from the management of the judo division. The jujitsu division is governed and managed by a chairman and vice chairmen, along with several members at large. Under the division are several distinct committees that oversee and manage specific policies, procedures, and processes as they apply to jujitsu. These committees currently are: Promotion Board, Certified Rank Examiners, and Technical Development. The jujitsu division reports to the board of directors. 

This Is the First Jujitsu System of Its Kind.

Most Jujitsu systems are the work of one outstanding technician, but this is not the case with our USJA Jujitsu system.  USJA Jujitsu is not a personal system; it is the product of a multitude of experts with over 1,000 years of street and technical experience and who have taught thousands the Way of Budo.  Like so many other USJA programs, our Jujitsu system is unique.  The philosophy, techniques, and training methods represent a milestone in the history of American Budo. 
Three basic premises guided the selection of USJA Jujitsu techniques:
  • Each could be performed by those without a lot of strength.
  • Each had to be simple to understand and apply.
  • Each had to be legally defensible.
One exceptional feature of our system is that it is not static.  The techniques and rank requirements constantly undergo review and revision.  The goal is to maintain a compilation of techniques applicable to today’s lifestyles and needs, not those of a bygone era. 

Other aspects of our system include: 

Rank Recognition When Rank Was Issued by Other Organizations.

These cases are handled exactly like a promotion.  A USJA member who holds a recognized rank issued by any other organization may obtain a USJA certificate for that rank by completing the Jujitsu Request for Promotion (RFP).  A copy of the rank certificate of the issuing organization must be submitted with this application. The fee will be the same as for all USJA Jujitsu promotions. A USJA CRE must examine the candidate.  Once the examination is completed and the CRE has signed the RFP form, the candidate should send it to the USJA. 
The Jujitsu Promotion Board then will review the request and, if approved, authorize issuance of the appropriate rank certificate. 

Validation of Jujitsu Skills

The USJA recognizes that there may be instances where people have studied Jujitsu for many years but have no valid rank certificate to substantiate efforts and skills.  In such cases the process of Rank Validation may be appropriate.  Refer to the Jujitsu Recommendation for Validation of Rank form for specific details.  Basically, a CRE must examine such a candidate.  The CRE will determine the appropriate rank based on the practical examination and substantiating paperwork. 

Technical Requirements for Promotion
The order in which the student learns techniques is not important.  Therefore, specific techniques for each rank have not been identified.  Instead, a specified number of various types of techniques for each rank have been established.  See the Jujitsu Test for Promotion & Validation on the USJA website.  By designing the rank structure in this way, both student and instructor have input in how the student progresses through ranks.  We focus on higher level technical achievement rather than rank attainment. 

Additional Promotion Requirements for Yodan and Above

These higher ranks are reserved for sensei who are leaders in their dojo, community, and region and are considered experts whose rank should reflect their accomplishments. It is of utmost importance to ensure quality of candidates seeking higher rank.  Written applications and recommendations alone may be inadequate to confirm a candidate’s competence. The candidate should seek to test in front of one of the CREs.  Sometimes this may be impractical and expensive. On a case-by-case basis, the Promotion Committee may authorize the candidate to submit a typed complete Jujitsu history and comprehensive biography listing achievements and services in chronological order and detail.  The candidate must provide an online video demonstrating and teaching Jujitsu appropriate for the rank being requested.  Refer to the Jujitsu Recommendation for Promotion form on the USJA website for details. CRE recommendations will be taken into consideration; however, the Promotion Board will have the final say in determining a candidate’s promotion.  


Name Rank Email Location Status
Barry S. Stebbins Ikkyu colbarry@aol.com Powell OH Chairman
Ben Bergwerf Rokudan benbergwerf@gmail.com Isle of Palms SC Chairman - Rank Board
Ron Cooley Godan roncooley@cooleylaw.com Hillsborough NC Secretary
John J. Miller Schichikyu fnetequalsma@gmail.com Pasadena MD Member
Gary L. Monto Hachidan JudanJudoToledo@gmail.com,GaryMonto1947@gmail.com Oregon OH Member
John Newton Schichikyu john@newtonland.com Indialantic FL Member
Ed Thibedeau Rokudan jujitsu1950@gmail.com Little Rock AR Member
David E. Parritt Hachidan dparritt@aol.com Palm Bay FL Emeritus Member
Harold G. Robinson Hachidan robin0305@aol.com Pensacola FL Emeritus Member


Category Form Action

Safe Sport Program

Please remember all coaches must now take and pass this online test. You may do this at your convenience. It takes between 2 and 3 hours total but can be completed in segments. Once you have completed the program, please send a copy of the certificate to the USJA Office. Please go to Safe Sport, select the option of USA Judo member or Non-USA Judo member, and follow the required steps. You will use your USA Judo membership number if you are a member. If you are a non-member, you will be given a number to use to access Safe sport.

Concussion Training (Your choice of CDC or NAYS)
By taking the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training online course and using what you learn, you will be well-positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field. Click Here to take the Heads Up Concussion course. Once you complete the training and quiz, you can print out a certificate and email it to the office for verification.

To complete the NAYS course, please visit the National Alliance for Youth Sports website, choose the 'SIGN UP' button and follow the instructions. Upon proper completion, download the certificate and email to support@usja.net or fax to (844) 892-6608. You may visit the NAYS website HERE

Background Check
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