Coach Education Committee



Coach Education Committee

To maintain coach certification validity, a person must be an Active Annual or Sustaining Life Member with a current Background Check, Safe Sport Certification, and Heads Up Certification (see details below).

The USJA Coach Education Committee is committed to:

  • Supporting USJA leaders who desire a top-quality Judo clinic,
  • Providing the highest level of coach training and certification, by ensuring our clinicians are qualified and capable of conducting effective coach certification clinics.

To accomplish its mission, the Committee will:

  • Assist Judo Leaders, when requested, to identify and enlist a highly qualified Judo technician(s) to conduct a Judo clinic,
  • Create, revise, and oversee all aspects of the Coach Certification Program, which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Reaching out to members for their support in offering certification clinics,
  • Supporting those members who request a certification clinic in their locality,
  • Accommodating the needs of approved clinicians,
  • Identifying, selecting, and bi-annually reevaluating highly qualified clinicians,
  • Reviewing and revising the Certification Curriculum when warranted.
  • Convening meetings of the Approved Clinicians and meetings of the Coach Education Committee as needed,
  • Preparing and presenting semiannual reports to the Board of Directors.

Safe Sport Program

Please remember all coaches must now take and pass this online test. You may do this at your convenience. It takes between 2 and 3 hours total but can be completed in segments. Once you have completed the program, please send a copy of the certificate to the USJA Office.

Concussion Training (Your choice of CDC or NAYS)

By taking the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.

To complete the NAYS course, please visit the National Alliance for Youth Sports website, choose the 'SIGN UP' button and follow the instructions. Upon proper completion, download the certificate and email to or fax to (844) 892-6608.


Name Rank Email Location Status
Jason Morris Hachidan Glenville NY Chairman
Paul Bova Rokudan Trafford PA Member
Gary S. Goltz Hachidan Upland CA Member
Matthew Vander Horck Godan Lakewood CA Member


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Approved Instructors

Name Rank Email Location Status
Doug Bedsaul Yodan Starkville MS Member
Loren Bentley Yodan Albuquerque NM NM Member
Paul Bova Rokudan Trafford PA Member
Justin Breese Godan Ketchikan AK Member
Dr. Ronald Allan Charles Kudan Goose Creek SC Member
Manmohan S. Chima Shichidan Plano TX Member
George E. Chittenden Yodan Oak Ridge TN Member
Marshall R. Coffman Rokudan Dunkirk MD Member
Andrew Connelly Hachidan Spring TX Member
Ron Cooley Godan Hillsborough NC Member
Michael T. Dobbs Sandan Franklin TN Member
Kenneth Durand Shichidan Keene NH Member
Gary S. Goltz Hachidan Upland CA Member
Thomas R. Gustin Hachidan Racine WI Member
Isaac "Ike" Henderson Sandan Rockville MD Member
Rodney Jaime Yodan Spring TX Member
Peter C. Mantel Rokudan Toano VA Member
William McElhaney Sandan Hughesville MD Member
Osmil Millan Hachidan Maddison WI Member
Philippe Morotti Rokudan Los Angeles CA Member
Neil Ohlenkamp Shichidan Member
John Paccione Shichidan Cape Coral FL Member
Dave Passoff Shichidan Great Neck NY Member
Duong Ngoc Pham Nidan NY NY Member
Brian P. Rowe Shichidan Johnson City TN Member
William D. Sherwin Jr Rokudan Abington MA Member
Michael L. Szrejter Hachidan Boynton Beach FL Member
Ed Thibedeau Rokudan Little Rock AR Member
Johnny S. Tureaud Yodan North Sioux City SD Member
Donna C. Turk Rokudan Navarre FL Member
Pai USJA Support Team 1 Shodan Merrick NY Member
Matthew Vander Horck Godan Lakewood CA Member
Jovany Varela Rokudan Gardena CA Member
Leandro de Lorenco Lima Nidan Las Vegas NV Member