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Aikido Committee

Our aim is to preserve and promote the growth of traditional Aikido. In this context, we are proud to provide technical and emotional support to those whose hearts and minds are committed to Aikido. The (ACE) Aikido Certified Examiners National Committee is composed of Sensei of various different systems of Aikido, each with their own unique background, approach and teaching styles. This committee is designed to coordinate a National Registry and provide social equality for the interest of all members. Those who are in accord with the objectives of this organization are welcome to apply for membership.

“As students of Aikido, we should not concern ourselves with what is right or wrong for others. We should not defame or criticize teachers, other martial arts, traditions, or organizations. We must practice with love, emotional intensity, and indomitable spirits, giving full effort with joy an enthusiasm. We should learn to turn negative situations into constructive stepping stones. Even when there are no easy solutions, we should look at our problems and try to find ways to solve them. We should spread and apply the truth of Aikido.”

USJA Aikido Rank Guidelines


Name Rank Email State Status
Jose Andrade 7D aikitenshi@hotmail.com Orlando FL Member
Charles G. Bouton 6D ad5pg@hotmail.com El Paso TX Member
David A. Dye 7D Costa Mesa CA Vice Chair
James R. Garrison 7D Portland OR Member
Shonene Garrison 6D Portland OR Member
Norman Heller 7D normh88@gmail.com San Ramon CA Member
Brett Mayfield 6D White River Junction VT Member
Ernesto Javier Ruiz Hornacek 6D shubukanryu1@aol.com El Paso TX Member
William P. Ryan 6D tnjudo@att.net,tnjudo@charter.net Clarksville TN Member
William H. Thorndike Jr 6D willtjr@att.net San Jose CA Member
Edward E. Wilkes 8D dojocho@shubukanryu.com Fabens TX Chairman


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Please contact any of our committee members if you have a concern, comment, or question. To send a message, simply click on his/her name

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